Starting our own discussion threads

Hey, @diegop, would it be okay for us to start our own top-level discussion threads for proposals in the Roadmap topic? For example, there are a few I proposed in the Megathread: Megathread: Community Submissions for DFINITY Foundation’s Roadmap - #74 by Maxfinity that haven’t been made stand-alone yet. Should we wait for you to do that? What if one of our proposals never makes it out of the Megathread?

Just looking for some clarity on the process (I know it’s being developed), and wondering what the best etiquette would be.


I have been wondering the same thing.


Yes. 100%.

I wanted to give it 1-2 weeks of just me and Igor creating threads so we can explore some good practices as we roll things out, but @ililic and I think the time has come for others to create threads, @lastmjs @paulyoung .