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Just a quick thread to match developers to projects and vice versa. If you’re a developer looking for projects to join or a team looking for developers, or even just offering help, feel free to drop a quick message here and match up…


I’m interested in developing something quite simple and fun just for practice. Ideally something that could be completed in a day or two hackathon and have some viral factor, i.e. satoshidice or something like that.


Hello Dfinity Community! i am so excited for what is going to happen soon, i have been following closely all developments and updates since quite some time now and i know i am going to be amazed by the project! Go ICP!

i have been working on developing an idea that has been in my mind since i discovered the crypto world years ago and i have recently (with the help of an amazing team) completed the phase 1 (that does not include blockchain) of the project; It only include AWS services option atm. The app i intend to build is an auction marketplace that will simplify buy and selling of some goods between verified users.

The current team have a very limited (zero) knowledge about dfinity and i am not technical person so i was wondering if out there here there is a passionate Dev interested to help me to see how to build it on the ICP?


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