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Just a quick thread to match developers to projects and vice versa. If you’re a developer looking for projects to join or a team looking for developers, or even just offering help, feel free to drop a quick message here and match up…


I’m interested in developing something quite simple and fun just for practice. Ideally something that could be completed in a day or two hackathon and have some viral factor, i.e. satoshidice or something like that.


If anyone is looking for React devs in this space then check out my resume: https://github.com/MioQuispe/curriculum-vitae/raw/master/new_cv.pdf

Been toying a bit with dfinity and created this:

currently looking into adding better support for asset canisters through a service worker which intercepts requests and correctly forwards them to the canister. Something not supported out of the box by the bootstrap server (you have to put everything in 1 file basically).