New community Github org and call for maintainers

Greetings IC Developers! :rocket:

I’m excited to announce a brand-new Github organization (ICP · GitHub) designed to bring together the ICP developer community! This will be a collaborative space for all members to contribute, innovate, and foster growth within the ICP developer ecosystem. The repos within this organization will be co-owned and maintained by our dedicated community members.

We’re eager to hear your thoughts on how we can best utilize this organization and structure its repositories. One idea is to begin with essential developer libraries, such as the ETH integration phase 1 library. Your input is invaluable, so please share your suggestions!

If you’re passionate about the ICP community and interested in becoming a maintainer of this Github organization, we’d love to hear from you. Simply leave a comment and join our mission to empower the IC developer community!

[EDIT] I should further state that this initiative is a community effort and not a Dfinity initiative, and I’m posting as a member of the community. Whether it’s possible to move existing Dfinity repos out is subject to Dfinity’s internal rules and approvals and is outside of the scope of this thread.


This is a great initiative!

How will CLAs and licensing work here?

How will GitHub roles be set up? Who will have admin permissions?

This is a great milestone!

All those remain open questions. We need volunteers to help with the initial set up.

The idea is to have the most active and reputable members of the community collectively maintain it.

So these are all things that can be decided by the community? Dfinity is not imposing any restrictions on the org?

@benji: Is it also the idea to move some existing developer infrastructure?

Candidates for that could e.g. be the test-state-machine-client repo, which has already received some community contributions.

That is correct. Dfinity and its employees are also welcome to voluntarily contribute, but will not impose any restrictions.

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@frederikrothenberger In the beginning we are looking at things decoupled from the IC core infrastructure, i.e. code that does not impact the IC binaries, and does not depend on/impact Dfinity’s CI/CD pipeline. The level of existing community contribution is of lesser concern here, because the community can and do already contribute to repos in the Dfinity github org.

I should further state that this initiative is a community effort and not a Dfinity initiative, and I’m posting as a member of the community. Whether it’s possible to move existing Dfinity repos out is subject to Dfinity’s internal rules and approvals and is outside of the scope of this thread.

I’m thrilled to hear about the launch of the new Github organization. It’s an excellent initiative to bring together the ICP developer community, which will foster collaboration and innovation, ultimately leading to growth within the ecosystem.

Regarding the structure of repositories within the organization, it would be great to focus on building essential developer libraries that are required for building applications on ICP. Additionally, providing tools and frameworks that make it easier for developers to interact with ICP’s network would be valuable.

As for becoming a maintainer of the organization, I’m interested and would love to contribute my expertise to the community. Please let me know how I can get involved and support the mission of empowering the IC developer community.


Great initiative! I am interested in becoming a maintainer. Please let me know how i can help/support.

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Great idea and I agree with @quint, we should focus on developper experience.

Thanks for your enthusiasm and support! If you would like to be a maintainer, please tell us a bit more about yourself, so that the community could know who you are and why you’re here.

Github ID:
Twitter ID:
Dev experience:
Opensource experience:
Other interesting facts:

I’ll start by introducing myself:

Name/Pseudonym: Ben Zhai
Github ID: benjizhai
Twitter ID: benjizhai
Dev experience: 15+ years
Opensource experience: Contributed to many projects but never a maintainer
Other interesting facts: 8yeargang member since genesis

Name/Pseudonym: Quint Daenen
Github ID: q-uint
Twitter ID: q_uint8
Dev experience: 5+ years
Opensource experience: A lot of contributions over the years / involved in various initiatives.
Other interesting facts:

  • Pre-Genesis :gear:.
  • Written a lot of packages for the community at Aviate Labs.
  • Co-creator of CycleOps a proactive, automated, no-code canister management tool.

This sounds great.

Name/Pseudonym: Nathan
Github ID: NathanosDev
Twitter ID: NathanosDev
Dev experience: 6 years
Opensource experience: Dfinity service worker and response verification packages
Other interesting facts: Most of my experience is in web2 frontend development, I’m still new to crypto compared to all of you OGs :wink:

@quint Thanks! I’ve sent you an invite.
@NathanosDev Thanks for your interest, but we already have 3 members from Dfinity (John, Dieter and me), and we aim to have a healthy distribution amongst Dfinity people and developers from the community (3 from Dfinity, 4 from the community). Sorry we can’t include you now, but maybe in the future when we will have more maintainers. Thanks again!

Name/Pseudonym: Austin Fatheree / afat / skilesare
Github ID: skilesare · GitHub
Twitter ID: @afat
Dev experience: I’m the CTO Origyn and the Executive Director at ICDev. I’ve done a bunch of motoko and in a previous life did C# and and bunch of node.js
Opensource experience: I’ve been coordinating icdevs ( · GitHub and we’ve issued and completed a bunch of bounties for the IC:
Other interesting facts:

:joy: My dev forum stats make me question my time commitments. :joy:


Tagging some forum regulars. @levi @coin_master @Zane @JaMarco @LightningLad91 @lastmjs

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Name/Pseudonym: icdev2dev
Github ID: icdev2dev
Twitter ID:
Dev experience: 15 yrs
Opensource experience: Social Recovery of Internet Identity( GitHub - icdev2dev/bachao: Social Recovery of Internet Identity), Manage iND neurons without Internet Identity(GitHub - icdev2dev/sachvo: Manage iND neurons without Internet Identity), Some Denial of Service Defenses for SmartCanisters on IC(GitHub - icdev2dev/dos: Some Denial of Service Defenses for SmartCanisters on IC)
Other interesting facts: 8yeargang member, contributor on various aspects in

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Name/Pseudonym: Anthony MARQUES / AnthonyMQ
Github ID: anthonymq · GitHub
Twitter ID: @anthonymq23
Dev experience: 10+ years, backend developper turned into Cloud Architect and huge blockchain enthousiast (solidity and motoko)
Opensource experience: I’ve been building aedile and have contributed to open source in some projects, mostly tools. I also write some technical articles and leave the code open in repositories.

Name/Pseudonym: Tarek Mo
Github ID: tarek-eg
Twitter ID: Tarek Mo
Dev experience: 5+ years frontend and backend JS/TS
Opensource experience: Contributed to many IC projects like Stoic wallet, Flower Power DAO,, azle
Other interesting facts: Joined crypto in the hype of 2021 as investor then joined the IC ecosystem as a developer.

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