Introduce yourself or your IC related project/work

hey all, I realized recently that after 18 months Dfinity Foundation and the IC might need a little bit of help when it comes to community engagement in particular real world engagement.

I’m very interested to learn what people are developing. I spend a lot of time in Puerto Rico, Miami and parts of Europe and would like to get to know who is here and working on what with the purpose of inviting folks to IC oriented meet ups or user groups so that we can share our IC knowledge and enthusiasm with others.

I’m a Dfinity seed investor, and investor in other projects. I’ve been working in the cryptocurrency space since 2012, having been involved in various projects.

I’ve developed a neuron maturity and revenue tracking system we use internally for my company which participates in various staking protocols and liquidity pools. I remember reading the Pebble whitepaper and thinking “i’ll give this guy money if he ever does a coin” so here I am locked for 8 years.

Please only reply to this thread if you have developed or plan to develop something that interacts with the IC in some way, shape or form.



I’m Paul Young and I’m building Codebase.

Some background on me can be found here:


woah sounds like a fantastic project, any time line for the launch?

Nothing that’s been made public at the moment :slightly_smiling_face: