Developer Grants Advice

Happy Friday Everyone,

I have finished the architecture, and first draft for a Developer Grant Proposal we would like to send to Dfinity early next week.

It’s a user facing app ideal for the IC, and it will use the new Bitcoin capabilities.

Before sending the application, I would appreciate any advice from Dfinity or from other Grantees who are here in the Forum.

Diego @diegop could you please help us? I would really like to send the best possible Grant Application and build this DAPP on the IC.

Thanks everyone.


there is a specific discord channel for grant if you want

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Hey @josephgranata,

feel free to go ahead and submit your application. We’ll go from there!


@josephgranata I do not work in grants so my feedback would be generic. @domwoe above works in grants so his feedback would be the most helpful i think!

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Thanks Diego, I will follow-up with @domwoe then.

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Dominic, I am following the standard Startup Pitch desk that is usually recommended, so I have a deck with topics like:

  • Our Mission
  • The Problem
  • Our Solution
  • The IC’s Advantage
  • The Competition
  • The Product
  • The Roadmap and Milestones

And the team and request for funding.

Does this make sense to what you expect, should a topic be included that is not there, or one be removed?

In the product I include architecture, major epics, and a roadmap for development.

Anyway, advice would be most appreciated since I am currently writing this from a draft I finished last week.



This looks great. The only thing to add would be the team.

Looking forward to your application!


Thanks Dominic, I really appreciate the feedback, yes we will have a slide about the team.