Does Dfinity plan to support a standard token interface along the lines of ERC20?

I am looking in to issuing a new token on the IC, but am hesitant to do so if there is a plan to release some sort of standard token interface. I have browsed through the roadmap, but I don’t see anything about this on there. I saw a few discussions on here but nothing conclusive/official.


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nothing official yet, but this has been proposed a while ago. maybe it’s a community effort to decide on a standard :slight_smile:

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I wrote an ERC20 style token demo, check it out: GitHub - ccyanxyz/motoko-token: ERC20 style token template for Dfinity

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Saw both of those! Having it be community driven makes sense, was just wondering if Dfinity had commented anywhere on what their plans were. Seems like it’s pretty essential to have a common interface before launch or else getting any token using the IC onto any decentralized exchange (or making a decentralized exchange!) is going to be a lot more difficult. :thinking:

This might interest you too: DFINITY Education: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency