App protoype / Dev required

Hey guys,

I’ve just started a project prototype to be built on the ICP. I have working design prototype but I am not a developer.

I’m wondering what is the best way to chat or have someone look into what might be involved in the project moving forward.

The app is a Dropbox-esque style mobile application.

Any help appreciated. Great to be part of the community.



Hey Emmo,

Awesome that you want to build something on dfinity! The best way to find developer would probably be here through this post! Is there more you can share about your idea? It should be noted that while dfinity has broadly disclosed how their economic model will work it is not known yet how much storage will actually cost.

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Great stuff , glad I am in the right place at least.

Yep , sure! So I liked Dom’s idea of OpenPhotos with the benefits ICP can bring to this type of app such as the one off lifetime payment using a margin lending scheme and the security aspect also of keeping your data safe. I expanded a little beyond just the photo aspect to add in other file options such as video , audio and docs which leads to the dropbox-esque nature.

I have only worked on design projects in the past and am not a dev by any means so would need some help from this perspective and of course many more details are to be announced about storage and some other functionality I will need to figure out before moving forward. But I thought why not do up a prototype and check with you guys and get the ball rolling. No harm eh?

Here’s a look at some pages so far , subject to change of course :slight_smile:


Hi Emmo,
The initial pages look great so far and I would be keen on hearing more about your project as what you are needing done is well within my area of expertise.
You can reach me on [email protected]
Cheers and Have a great day,

Cheers Andrew.

No problem , I can drop you a mail today to chat if that suits.

Some further updates on the design with some minor tweaks , still on the hunt for someone who might want to take a swing at developing something like this

v2.0 , additional pages to follow

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