Recover internet identity via security key

Hey guys, I’ve created an internet identity and staked some ICP in neurons. However, I accidentally remove the only one device which is belong to that identity, and the platform logged me out right after this action. At the same time, my notes in icloud which has the recovery phrase also gone due to a problem of synchronisation. Therefore, I dont have my identity number including the recovery phrase. I only have the security key with fido u2f has been installed in my ledger nano X. I would like to ask if there is any possibility at the moment or maybe in the future to recover my identity via the security key ? (any recognition of identity which has been created via this security key? )

Much appreciated for your support.

Most definitely you need to remember your Identity Number. Try to look in your browser’s saved forms for clues of what numbers you have filled in the field with. Might get you somewhere.

Hi @linh.hoang

Did you register the security key with Internet Identity?

It happened right after the registration process. That’s why I don’t even have chance to login and filled the ID.

Yes, I register Internet Identity with the security key via fido u2f app installed in ledger nano X. However, I accidentally removed the only one device has been added. So I wonder if there is any way to recover my identity via fido u2f too.

If the security key was registered, you can try to “guess” the identity anchor number. They are generated sequentially, so if you remember the approx. number, try some numbers around it. Otherwise I don’t really have any other advice.

The security key was registered when creating identity. However I’m not sure how about the status of the key when device has been removed, which means there is no linked device with that identity.

Does anyone know another way to search Internet Identity has been registered with fido u2f (even when the device is already unregistered) ?

Unfortunately i don’t think that just having the fido u2f would ever be sufficient. Especially if you explicitly removed that linked device.

Think about the reverse case: if I lose my fido device, what is the first thing that I would do? Use my recovery key phrase to REMOVE that lost fido device. Don’t want someone else to use that lost fido device.