Internet Computer Online Workshop #3 | BYOP: Getting your app Tungsten ready!

For Part 3 of our 3-part workshop series, we welcome tech entrepreneurs and developers to BYOP (Bring your own project) and join DFINITY team members in optimizing your early ideas.

In the first two workshops of our 3-part series, we introduced you to the Internet Computer and some of the tools and resources available for building apps. For our final workshop, we will be hosting an open “office hours” format where you can bring-your-own-project and get hands-on help from DFINITY team members. Come prepared with your questions on topics such as Motoko, front end development, and canister architecture and let us help you get your app ready to deploy to Tungsten!

Don’t miss your chance to learn and use the Internet Computer to return the internet back to its free and open roots. At the conclusion of our 3-part workshop series, we’ll grant select participants early access to the Internet Computer platform — giving you a competitive head start amongst your crypto-curious peers.

Due to demand — space will be limited. Hope to see you there.

Workshop no. 3, BYOP: Getting your app Tungsten ready!, will be held on June 11 at 6 PM CET, 9 AM PST.

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The team has also put together this handy resource to help kickstart your Internet Computer journey and app development for Tungsten!

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Workshop 3 is coming up, note both time zones are running together this time.

June 11 at 6 PM CET, 9 AM PST

You may have also received a couple of pre-workshop questions via email, so please check your inbox!