Incorrect maturity accruing in merged neuron

Hi team

I created a neuron with a very low amount of ICP some months ago, set to 8 years delay (non dissolving), and following some others neurons’ for voting. Neuron Id is 13049892784680743537

Recently i created another neuron with approx. 1000 ICPs and merged it into the small one.

Although the voting power seems correct, maturity does not accrue accordingly (very low daily amount). Yesterday, I have split this neuron in a hope it would “reset” the maturity calculation and achieve a correct accrue calc, but this is still not the case. Resulting neurons are 13049892784680743537 & 3516982617218393806.

Note that i have another neuron, created from scratch, also locked for 8 years but dissovling, which accrues maturity properly. (Id 8072222698588857349)

Can you guys have a look ?
Anything you need for me to give more details, just ask.

Thank you !

It can take a week or so for the new neuron to receive maturity. See here for details: Merge Neuron(s) function - #47 by jwiegley

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Thanks Ang

i read about that indeed, but it s been 11 days now since the merge happened. Can it still just be delayed ?

Hi there

just wanted to add some info here before we close the subject, since i think i understood why it took so long to start accruing properly (because now it DOES accrue properly).

When i initially merged the new 1000 ICP neuron with the old 10 ICP neurons (merge FROM new neuron INTO old neuron), the old neuron had already voted on the ongoing proposals that were live / still accepting votes, and this, with its own (low) voting power.
New 1000 ICP neuron had not voted yet on these proposals and could not anymore after the merge occured, since it had been merged INTO the old 10 ICP neuron (which is a good example of why order matters here during a neuron merge operation)

So basically by choosing the OLD 10 ICP neuron as the target of the merge, I inadvertedly “renounced” to the voting power of the new neuron, on the proposals the old neuron already had voted for.

Just the time to catch up with new proposals votes + their rewards settle time and this started to accrue maturity as expected.

Probably the explanation in your link @Ang was explaining that somehow, but the exact reason was not clear to me.

Thanks anyway and keep building guys, IC is the future !


@Labe01 Did your old neuron accrue any maturity from the votes it had already made before the merge, but that had not yet been distributed?