Help, neuron is not recieving correctly maturity

One of my neurons is not recieving correctly maturity for 2 days.
This is the amount of maturity it recieves for 2 days now like you can see on the picture.
It’s a fresh staked one, following on all topics the dfinity foundation.
What i did wrong?

Maturity is received the day a proposal is settled, with governance proposal being the ones with the biggest reward weight, your neuron has received maturity from system proposals, which usually settle in a day by reaching 51% of voting power but give very little maturity, governance proposals take more to settle cause they don’t achieve such an overwhelming consensus so it takes a few days for them to end. You should see maturity increase in 2 days. Hope my explanation was clear enough.


Thanks for the fast reply. I hope it will increase in a few days like you said. I just dont understand why all my other neurons are recieving correctly maturity except this one?
It would be more logic if all the other ones would also recieve the same amount, no?

I will keep you up to date if the neuron still did not recieved more maturity after 2 days.

Again thank you for the super fast reply!

That is weird, they were created at the same time?

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No all the other ones where created in 2021. I kept on topping them up, and now i created a new one on 2 July 2022 (2 days ago).

Really weird… Maybe someone can check this out? I left the neuron adres visible for this reason.

Hope it will be solved in time :pray:

Its simple then, those neurons are receiving maturity cause they voted on proposals 4 days ago that have settled today, new neurons can’t vote on proposals submitted before they were created.
If you check the dashboard you can see the governance proposals submitted 2 days ago are still active: Internet Computer Network Status

If you created the new neuron before 2022-07-02, 13:15:45 UTC and you voted on those proposals (you can check this on your neuron tab if you scroll down) then you should receive maturity on the 6th around 4PM UTC.

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Indeed, If that’s the case it would explain a lot.

I’ll keep you up to date, thanks again for the help and taking your time for this! :pray:

You are welcome :D, let me know if you have more questions.

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One minor correction to what @Zane wrote. Proposals aren’t settled (rewards distributed for that proposal) until after the end of the proposal’s voting period. A proposal can be decided (adopted or rejected) before the end of the voting period if more than half of the voting power votes Yes or No, but that doesn’t affect when that proposal is settled.

You can check the Reward Status of any proposal on the IC dashboard to see if it has been settled. You can also check the recent proposals a neuron has voted on by searching the neuron ID on the IC dashboard to get to the Neuron page for that neuron, and click any of the proposals in the neuron’s recent Voting History to see their Reward Status. @Jacobs.ic, you can do this for your neuron and you’ll see that all of the proposals that the neuron has voted on still have a Reward Status of Accepting Votes, so no rewards have been distributed for these proposals yet.

One thing to note, Exchange Rate proposals (there is one of these every 10 minutes) have a shorter voting period than other proposals, just 24 hours. These proposals aren’t shown on the IC dashboard Neuron page, since the Governance canister doesn’t keep a record of how neurons voted on Exchange Rate proposals. Your neuron has voted on Exchange Rate proposals that have settled, and that’s why your neuron has a small amount of maturity.


Thank you so much for the awnser. It explains basically everything…

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Sinds yesterday 07-07-2022 at 6 pm, my new neuron recieved it’s first rewards.

Again thank you @Dylan and @Zane for the help!

Your both amazing! :+1::facepunch: