ICP Neuron Age is 52 Years

Can anyone explain why this neuron’s age is 52 years?
Neuron: 11101637504952376839 - IC Dashboard (internetcomputer.org)


Probably a glitch in the Matrix at 2023-06-03, 3:46:21 AM UTC. Still nice age bonus though.

It would be prudent to suspend age bonus until the root cause of this issue is found. I would also want a detailed explanation as to how this happened.

I ran into this issue about 1-2 weeks ago… could have reported it earlier but I thought it was a problem with my UI so I didn’t check further :confused:

Kinda strange like, if you made more rewards ofc why should you report it. I would like that age bonus and voting power to even if for a month.

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:joy:,u are big clever…so icp is not up all the time .

Age bonus (and dissolve delay bonus) are capped by code. The 150% total bonus for this neuron is the max that can be obtained by any neuron if they achieve a neuron age of 4 years and have a dissolve delay of 8 years. Hence, this neuron is not receiving anything extra by having an apparent age of 52 years.


Unless some one artificially moved it to 52 years and it should be like a month or 2.

The only reason I could imagine it’s 52 years is because the bonus is increasing too fast under special circumstances. Or some one found a vulnerability.

Because of the way ICP works there is no way for anyone to verify this needs to be looked at as it has wide spread impact of governance.


Completely agree with you

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We have several team members looking into this and we will report back once we have identified the source.


I’m a DFINITY NNS team member. Figuring out the cause of this and preventing it from causing problems for the chain is our priority. We’ll update as we get more information. @wpb is correct that the cap on the age bonus prevents this neuron from receiving anything above the 150% bonus neurons can ordinarily have


Cap or no no cap we just lost TRUST of anything that the dashboard is showing. Pretty much anything can be said without being verified is a trust me bro.

That is a great thing to have for a month old neuron. Now just tell me that the voting power did not count in the one month that it voted.

In case it helps, I’ve seen the code and can confirm there is a cap that resolves this very scenario. Hence it’s not just a trust me situation. You can actually inspect the code.

It doesn’t at this point but thanks for reassuring. Code is code it does not make one exception after 2 years and then goes back to normal. Also how does that resolve anything ? It’s like saying I cheated at something but it’s ok since I only get maximum allowed. Still a huge problem.

Here is a thought that may have relevance…

and this…

Not that I am looking at the issue but, I don’t think so. Timestamp is no (JS) parameters of staking a neuron.



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BTW for anyone wondering and doesn’t have quill installed :

  variant {
    Ok = record {
      dissolve_delay_seconds = 252_460_800 : nat64;
      recent_ballots = vec { record { vote = 1 : int32; proposal_id = opt record { id = 123_432 : nat64;};}; record { vote = 1 : int32; proposal_id = opt record { id = 123_433 : nat64;};}; ...*( EDITED out ! )
      created_timestamp_seconds = 1_685_763_981 : nat64;
      state = 1 : int32;
      stake_e8s = 112_299_980_000 : nat64;
      joined_community_fund_timestamp_seconds = null;
      retrieved_at_timestamp_seconds = 1_689_002_872 : nat64;
      known_neuron_data = null;
      voting_power = 280_749_950_000 : nat64;
      age_seconds = 1_641_617_698 : nat64;
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@ZackDS, you don’t have to “trust” what the dashboard is displaying. You can use dfx to verify the Neuron information yourself.

Save the governance.did and install DFX.

From the directory where you have the governance.did file, run the following command

dfx canister call rrkah-fqaaa-aaaaa-aaaaq-cai get_neuron_info "(11101637504952376839: nat64)" --network https://ic0.app --candid governance.did

At the very end of the response is the age_seconds field.


Cool, thanks for the tip.