Losing voting power every day

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I would like to bring to your notice about the following…

I have staked some x ICP in a neuron 3 days ago, and put him in dissolving for 4 years. Because after this time I would like to have them back in my icp wallet. But since I put my neuron in dissolving mode, I am losing 0,02 - 0,05 voting power every day. Is this a bug or is this part of the dissolving? Or is it because I follow the max neurons, so my voting power reduced? My voting power is getting less every day, which means that my reward will also be less every day. Does anyone have a explanation why this is happening.

Thanks already for the response :slight_smile:


This may be because your neurons are in a dissolving state, or other unknown parameters may be involved
The link about Staking & Voting Rewards on the NNS will help you

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Thanks for your response. But there is no artical that explains why your voting power is reduced well your in dissolving? :frowning:

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Your bonus is directly related to time until your end date. If it is dissolving, the bonus gets smaller every day until you get to 6 months and then your rewards are 0 for the last 6 months until you are completely dissolved.

There are many articles explaining this. Earn Substantial Voting Rewards by Staking in the Network Nervous System | by DFINITY | The Internet Computer Review | Medium


Thanks skilesare,
Your explanation makes it a lot clearer! This Will help. So the manutiry is there to balance between the reduction of the time dissolving, at the end you know how much reward you will get for locking your ICP’s and voting. Makes more sence know! :slight_smile:

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