[ Important ] [ Dashboard ] Maturity disappeared !? ⁉

Basically, the maturity is not showing on the dashboard, all the maturity obtained has disappeared!

At the same time, the % of Annualized Rewards does not add to the calculation of the ICP+Maturity for the Daily Rewards (Maturity).

It’s as if this never existed:

Please tell me it’s a temporary dashboard error… Thank you !

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Thanks for tagging me but, I happily let my colleagues answer as they know the topic better than me.

Only thing I can confirm is that on mainnet all seem fine for my neurons in NNS-dapp (got maturity, of which staked and I can stake maturity) and there was no new release of NNS-dapp proposed last few days.


I’m having the same situation…

Its pretty Disturbing if they changed tokenomics again!!

With this I’m loosing 0.6 ICP/day of daily maturity.

Dashboard team, pls check and report back.


Thanks for answering! surely it is something visual but it makes me very nervous that all the maturity disappears since it took a lot of work to get it :smiling_face_with_tear:

Correct, by not adding maturity as if it were ICP to the neuron, it does not calculate the Daily Rewards (Maturity) correctly. Let’s hope it’s a visual bug on the dashhboard.


Same problem here ! Maybe someone can clarify this situation …


Same here, this is pretty disturbing and the daily rewards gone down.


@FranHefner is your above screenshot cropped or the maturity is also not showing for you in NNS-dapp?

No need to share another screenshot, just want to be sure to understand where according you the displayed info are missing.

:point_right: In NNS-dapp or in the dashboard?

Also since when did you began to notice this, since the day you started this thread?


That’s is weird. Mine is showing up fine. Let’s hope it’s fixed right away.

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Thank you so much for trying to help! I think it is more important than one thinks if it impacts the daily calculation.

The NNS → Shows everything correct, the amount of original ICP of the neuron and the amount of maturity. It doesn’t tell you how much you’re going to earn as a reward, so you don’t know that information except by looking at the dashboard.

Dashboard → Shows the wrong amount of staking and wrong the Daily Rewards (Maturity) :bangbang:

This I realized 1 day before or the same day that I published the topic (depends on the time zone).


A neuron with 2000 ICP gains 1 ICP (maturity) per day.

At 100 days the neuron has 2000 ICP + 100 ICP of maturity.

On the dashboard it only shows 2000, before it showed 2100. But the important thing is that the calculation for the Daily Rewards (Maturity). it is only based on 2000 and not 2100.

Conclusion, the maturity of 100 disappeared, it does not add to the calculation of Daily Rewards (Maturity) and in turn you cannot withdraw it and convert it to ICP because the maturity is already bet automatically. Instead of receiving 1 ICP you would have to receive 1.xx (for the 100 maturity added)


Thanks, some colleagues answered and I was confuse if the issue was in NNS-dapp or dashboard.

Forwarded your addition information, appreciated.


Thank you very much, several people are waiting for the answer. Edit the last answer to make it more understandable.


Thanks for posting - my staked maturity is no longer reflecting on the dashboard as well.


We discussed this with the team and so far we can conclude it is “just” the displayed values that changed. The data in the NNS is unchanged, it seems that only an API read endpoint has changed.

I do not know much more than that and, we continue to analyze it. It’s Sunday, most of the colleagues are off. More will follow but, we just wanted to give a quick answer of what we know so far and also share that it most likely is a display thing only.


@FranHefner, thanks for reporting this problem. There was an upgrade of the NNS governance canister on Friday that changed the meaning of the stake_e8s property in the get_neuron_info method response. Previously, stake_e8s represented staked ICP plus staked maturity. After the change, stake_e8s now represents only staked ICP.

This affected the Neuron page of the IC Dashboard in the following ways:

  1. Staked ICP now only shows the stake of the neuron in ICP. This is desirable behavior. Staked maturity for NNS neurons will not be displayed on the IC Dashboard, only in the NNS front-end dapp, since NNS neuron maturity is considered private.
  2. Estimate Rewards: Daily Rewards (Maturity) is now incorrect (lower than it should be) for neurons with staked maturity, as you reported. This is a bug that will be corrected soon, most likely tomorrow.

Excellent! Thank you very much for always being attentive when I report bugs :sweat_smile: Sorry for taking your time too! :melting_face:

Perfect! I was worried that there has been a change in tokenomics or some error that has lost its maturity (I really have little but I’m adding little by little).

  1. Could maturity be added in another line? Or show the daily reward in the nns, so as not to depend on the board… I think it is more intuitive to read the total amount of ICP+Maturity, since the % is applied to the sum of both.

  2. I am glad that you have been able to help with my feedback, report. I am calm that the rewards did not change.

Again thank you very much for your time! Really, the whole team always gave me quick answers to all the reports or things that I was seeing. Congratulations to all for your work! :muscle:


@FranHefner: Maturity is part of the private neuron information and hence it is not in the scope of the dashboard, which can be seen by anyone. Regarding your other idea to show in the NNS dapp the estimated daily rewards: I see your point. Let me check with the UX team.


Replying as an IC user and supporter with no dev experience.

Would showing daily rewards and total ICP stake (but not maturity) be redundant? Could maturity not be calculated from the stake, dissolve delay, age and daily rewards?

Also, can someone point me in the direction to read why maturity is considered private whereas staked ICP is not?


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A fix for this IC Dashboard issue has been released:

  1. Staked ICP now only shows the stake of the neuron in ICP.
  2. Estimate Rewards: Daily Rewards (Maturity) is now correct for neurons with staked maturity. Note that this is only an estimate. Actual rewards may be slightly higher, as they always have, if all neurons do not vote all all proposals.

Yes and to be slightly more precise: Using voting power and the staked ICP of a neuron, you can derive staked maturity of a neuron (but not un-staked maturity).

I think the main motivation for this bug fix was: Until the introduction of staked maturity, the dashboard showed the neuron’s stake (in units of ICP)=staked ICP. After the introduction of staked maturity, the dashboard showed neuron’s stake (in units of ICP) incorrectly as staked ICP+staked maturity. This is now corrected.


I see. Thank you for the clarification.