NNS stake maturity bug

Hello, I am not sure if it is an issue just in my browser (Safari), but when I click on “Stake Maturity” and set it to stake 100 %, it shows a success message but my maturity don’t get staked.

Stake maturity button then becomes disabled saying I have no maturity to stake (but I still can see it). If I come the next day I can still see the Maturity unstaked and the Stake maturity button is able to be used again but if I use it, the same think happens again. It is happening to me for a week now.

cc @peterparker


It is staked but it is not accumlated in your wallet. It is held in a seperate “wallet” so to speak.
If you look for your neuron on the internt computer dashboard you will see your total staked icp.
Try it out

So it is not a bug but a feature :laughing:


@Omaxus Thanks for your reply. I can indeed see staked amount increased in the internet computer dashboard.

I got a bit confused but I guess I understand now. Do I also get voting rewards from the “separate wallet”?

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For practice it is the same as having ICP, it adds you for the calculation of rewards, the maturity becomes icp when you separate the neuron if you have more than 1 ICP (which you did not re-stake).
As @Omaxus told you, if you go to the board you see the total amount bet. It’s not an error and everything is fine =)


Thanks both for reply. I understand now, probably missed this update. Maybe this could be more visible, more people could get confused.

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I don’t see it mentioned here yet so I’ll add that the benefit of this change, in addition to no longer having to manually stake your maturity every day, is that staked maturity can now compound before it is “minted” so (in most jurisdictions) it is not considered taxable income until they are finally minted when their neuron is finished dissolving. Long story short - for most people it can reduce our tax burden.