NO maturity to merge?

What is happening to the NNS?

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Same here… Maybe update or some issues?

This is a known issue and is currently being worked on. You can check the status page here for updates: InternetComputer Status - Reduced NNS Finalization Rate


Same here, didnt recieved any maturity. Hopefully we wil get atleast compensated else its a loss for quite a few people.

Unknown is never good, it could be a hack or god knows what…
Let us know what the problem was.


There is a strong suspicion on what causes the issue, this is being tested, and if correct we’ll do an upgrade to the governance canister which should fix the issue. This is unrelated to a hack.

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Suspicion is still not knowing. Lets assume your right = notting to worry about. But until this is not breing proven, it still could be anything bugg or a hack. Let us know when ure sure about your part.

Thank you infront :wink:

Hi Guys, NNS still not working again? I still can’t connect :neutral_face:

I see the issu is fixed, what was the problem?

Also i see that i recieved quite abit less maturity then usual. I only revieved 0.09 for 24h for a tons of voting… I never recieved this little of maturity. So i assume a lots of people didnt recieved their full amount of maturity also.

I believe that the lower maturity was just a side effect of the delay in settling the rewards, and that all neurons received maturity in line with how the NNS calculates rewards.

What this delay created was a long day (June 14) followed by a short day (June 15). Because of the long day, I see that there were 35 proposals that settled on June 14 that were neither Governance nor Exchange Rate. That’s a very high number compared to most days, and it makes sense that this would reduce the boost from the spam Governance proposals. Also, because of the long day, more Exchange Rate proposals settled on June 14, which further reduced the boost from spam Governance proposals.

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Always something huh? In my opinion, people should get atleast a stable intrest. The price if the token is insanely unstable, so why get unstable intrest also? It starts to botter me honestly. Thanks for the awnser, but this is crazy no? How to maintain motivation for investors. Only at Dfinity… Very disapointing but good who am i right?