NNS Problem : Age bonus lost of 50% without any explication

Hi, I top up each day my neuron. Until today, it was increasing continuously. Yersteday, my age bonus was 1,029. Today, it is 1,015 ! Any help of the support’please ?

@hpeebles I asked to you on another conversation, but maybe it is better to restart another one, for better clarity for anyone. I am so disappointed. I wanted to keep all my bag locked forever, but with that fall, I am a little worried.

Hey! I’ve just replied to your comment in the other thread. Let me know if that solves your issue!

Yes, Thanks. I answered you back there ! :wink:

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I have the same issue sinds i began merging my neurons my agebonus started to drop now almost 50% down already! Hope their is a good explanation for it also maturity is down

Can we get the link of the thread you reply to for this problem? Or get to know what the problem was?

Yup I should have done that originally!

Here’s the link -

No probs, thanks for the quick awnser and your help! :ok_hand: