Icpswap.com is down and there are problems with the dex

Page failed to load.

G: Server returned an error: Code: 400 () Body: Specified ingress_expiry not within expected range: Minimum allowed expiry: 2023-09-18 13:14:37.032701699 UTC, Maximum allowed expiry: 2023-09-18 13:20:07.032701699 UTC, Provided expiry: 2023-09-18 12:18:36.667 UTC

I also saw TLS errors earlier today…
I cannot use the DEX

I can load https://app.icpswap.com/swap but token list is empty :frowning:

ICPSwap is most probably still up.

You are facing, according your stack trace the same issue as the one reported yesterday. Syncing your device’s clock should resolve your problem.