I need help...i keep getting this even after updating my browser "chrome"


Page failed to load.

G: Server returned an error: Code: 400 () Body: Specified ingress_expiry not within expected range: Minimum allowed expiry: 2023-10-14 17:05:40.141374434 UTC, Maximum allowed expiry: 2023-10-14 17:11:10.141374434 UTC, Provided expiry: 2023-10-14 18:09:13.027 UTC

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Error details

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Sync your local device time. Your device clock is too much in the past or future regarding the time on the IC. You can search the forum for the stacktrace, it’s often the solution. Hope that helps.

Thanks so much for this help
It worked

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Awesome, glad to hear that!

I just received a catastrophic Code: 400 () Body error on the NNS trying to transfer some ICP tokens to an external ICP address (an exchange) here today at noon April 27, 2024. This happened just now on Firefox using an Android device that has a correct time on it which is exactly the same as the desktop device which had no problem with the same transfer to the same address using Firefox as well.

After clearing the error, it appeared over and over and over again non-stop even clearing all neurons on the NNS and popping up a zillion times in a row on the entire UI! It was a horrible error.

I could barely log out as the repetitive pop ups took over everything. Scary!

I stupidly forgot to take a screenshot of the exact error however this is an issue you should know about so I’m reporting it here. I’m assuming there is an error log with the exact error on the system with a stack trace for you to examine.

This should not happen but it did. If there is any info you need from me to track and/or reproduce this error, please let me know and I will assist of course.

Thanks for the feedback. To speak frankly, it gonna be super hard for the team to track down the issue without any details. Do you remember what was the concrete error message or anything that can help debugging?

Yeah I forgot to write down the exact Code 400 Body error. I’ve never run into such an error before on the NNS. I wish I could recall the exact 400 Body error. Obviously I will screenshot it if it occurs again but that may or may not happen.

I could provide you with my account principal or main internet computer wallet address and the time in which it occurred? Would that allow you to track it down as it just occurred around noon? Is there a catch-all error log on the NNS that catches these?

If not, my bad for not documenting properly and hopefully I can reproduce it at a later time!

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I don’t think there is that kind of error tracking mechanism in place. Certainly, one could check the network to see if there were any issues on that particular subnet at the time, but I’m not sure there are any more fine-grained error tracking possibilities, unfortunately. Unless one of my colleagues reads this post and has a good idea, I would suggest hoping it never happens again. If it does, try to catch a screenshot if you can. Does that work for you?

Of course and thank you for your super fast response. There is no other web3 project that I know of with such a responsive amazing team behind it!

Happened at about approximately 6:53PM Zurich Time Saturday April 27, 2024 (11:53 AM Chicago Time where I am). I can provide my IP address at the time, account principal, and destination account if necessary as well privately if necessary.

trying to

Send some ICP

Code: 400 () Body error that went berserk popping up repeatedly over and over again on the NNS when trying to send from the NNS ICP wallet

It was an extremely bad UI error that took over the entire NNS UI and cleared out all neurons even showing I had 0! Popups galore over and over again. It was quite odd.

I have documented all that I know including the exact details of the transfer and my private account details, IP, time, etc. locally on my machine here just in case your colleague needs this info.

Very sorry for not documenting the exact error message. Next time I will of course.

Keep up the great work! As you can tell, I care deeply about the project and would like to assist but wow my bad on catching this one! Oh well. I figure letting you know it exists and the time it occurred and hopefully where is better than nothing. Have a great weekend.

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Thanks for the amazing response. I’ll forward it to the team in case someone more clever (which is easy) than me has an idea!