Cafreso DAO Proposal

Greetings ICP Ecosystem✌🏽

Wishing everyone an awesome year thus far! Excited to see the bullish run crypto has had so far this year. Curious to see how much more evolves.

A small dev group from AWS is branching out and wants to test out some development on ICP. We love the way the NNS gives power to the people on the blockchain through it’s DAO system and protocols. We believe we can make a strong positive impact. Use current Dapps availble on ICP and truly show what Web 3.0 is capable of by disrupting the agricultural industry and building strong communities.


Our DAO has the capability of building the right infastructure in place to tokenize a self sustaining organic food supply available to locals for revenue source and towards our community. We will make ordering organic coffee, mangos, apples, etc. As easy as sending an OpenChat message and truly give value towards Utility NFT’s.

Follow our progress, as our page gets redesigned and our communities grows!