I merge every day, but my total icp not increase

Hi, i merge every day my maturity, i dont have automatic stake, but i merge manually.
After some days i see that my total icp after my merge not increase, so i check on icscan that show me more icp compared to nns. Today i check first icscan, and i have “x” icp… after i went on my nns, merge my maturity, return on icscan, and i have same number of icp… why also icscan show me the same number of icp by days?

This is because an update to the NNS was released. Now when you click on “merge maturity”, the rewards your neuron has earned are added to your neuron, however they aren’t converted to ICP. The rewards remain in the form of “staked maturity” instead. The maturity continues earning rewards however it is not reflected as ICP until you dissolve the neuron. You can find more details about this change in the forum here: Compounding Maturity - NNS implementation update - #55 by bjoernek


Ok so my maturity that i staked every day is in accumulation and i obtain when my neuron is total dissolve? So total icp = icp into neuron + maturity staked ??

yes that is correct.

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Tnks my bro :slight_smile: good day

I have “Automatically stake new maturity” checked. But the number of my Staked Maturity does not increase (also does not increase Voting Power), does anyone know what the problem is?

Hi @Victor,
do you observe an increase of the maturity ?
If you have no increase of maturity at all, a potential reason might be that you have to set your following (again).
Otherwise please send me screenshot of two consecutive days (via DM) and I will have a look.