Staked maturity not merging with neuron stake?

Hi, I just staked some maturity thinking it would add up to my total staked amount in the neuron, but its locked under the maturity section… Why? (I did maxed the lock slider since my neuron stake is also maxed out and not dissolving.)

I’d rather spawn the neuron and then merge with my main staked amount…

Why is it split? does staked ICP and Maturity have different properties?

I saw an old post (15892) of people complaining and it seemed like before, maturity would add up to the total staked amount and there were plans to re implement this feature?

When you re-stake maturity, the maturity is contributes to the neurons voting rewards in the same way as if you had added new ICP to the neuron. When the parent neuron is eventually dissolved, the maturity is converted to ICP. The benefit of re-staking maturity instead of spawning a new neuron is that you don’t need to wait 7 days for the neuron to spawn, and the maturity is not affected by the modutlation function which is applied when you spawn a new neuron.

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