I can log in but lost my seed phrase

I have lost my seed phrase but luckily I can access my account with my finger print. Though I can only do it on brave browser on one computer and not on any other device or browser.

Is there a way to get a hold of my seed phrase, or to make another way of signing in?

I’m scared that something will change with ICP or my computer so that finger print sign in doesn’t work anymore. Since I have 8 years dissolving stake I’d really like to make sure I can future proof my account.

I know it’s stupid to loose my seed phrase, so I’m very grateful for all help I can get!

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I saw there is a reset recovery phrase function by login https://identity.ic0.app/, but I never try it, it should be able to get your seed back, need others confirm, but at least you can add more passkeys to secure login on other devices.


Hola, me temo que cuando restablezcas contraseña te pida ingresar la frase semilla inicial, lo que yo haría es agregar varios dispositivos y rezar para que el ordenador y el navegador que asociaste a la identidad se mantengan con vida mientras dure la disolución del icp, la custodia de la frase inicial es una enorme responsabilidad que quizás en un futuro dfinity o quien sea encuentre solución
También se me ocurre asociar un kyc, puede que esto te salvaguarde

Thank you, that worked, now I have a recovery device as well!
That was a tough couple of hours!