Suggestions for Internet Identity Team

Two suggestions. First more actionable than the other.

  1. I should be able to use my II across various front ends. Right now I have to use the NNS dApp to view my neurons unless I use a ledger and attach it as a hardware wallet. That’s not cool and limits interoperability. Additionally, it creates a lot of complexity since I have a different wallet in each app. I don’t want more wallets I want fewer wallets. It will become too difficult to manage.

  2. II should create a partnership with Ledger Hardware devices to replace either the pin code with biometrics or even better the seed phrase with biometrics. This would be much better security within the hardware wallet.


Hello members! Please i am so sad right now! I really need your help. I cleared my browser cache and history and my Internet identity ( got wiped. i tried using the anchor+seedphrase option to recover it but i think in the course of trying to add a recovery mechanism i mistakenly deleted the old one i added and now i couldn’t even use the LOST ACCESS option anymore. Help me if there is any solution as i’ve got my DSCVR account, Distrikt account (verified badge), Openchat, NNS and my SNS-1 Token too all linked to my internet identity.

i’ve cried so much since two days ago and even sick right now. Please make me happy once again :pray: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Is the seed phrase unrecoverable?