I can't enter my account after seedphrase recovery

I have tried to recover my account with my seed phrase.
The seed phrase works, but thing is that I always end up on the “Anchor Management” screen. I want to be able to access the account page.

What steps should I take to get this working again?

Yes you’re correct, right now we don’t redirect to the dapp upon authentication with the recovery phrase. The idea is that the recovery phrase is only used to “recover” the account, but not to authenticate.

What you should do here is first recover with the recovery phrase as you did, and then add a new device in there. Then you should be able to use that device to authenticate.

Let me know if this works!


thanks for reply.

I have actually added my local laptop and mobile several times, but it doesn’t help.
When I try to login and then successfully authenticate myself (with fingerscan on laptop) I always get redirected back to the Anchor Management screen.

Your solution makes perfectly sense if it had worked that way for me.
Right now I can only add new devices, but I always ends up on the same page anyway…

Im a bit stuck at them moment

i’ve sent WICP from plug to stoic, do i have any chance to get back my assest? please help

Try to connect your stoic to a dapp which supports WICP and you should be able to see it, for example:

please keep new question in separate post, since now we have 2 questions in same thread

thanks :slight_smile:

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hi again

I read on another post related to NNS that a computer reboot could help, even if that sounded very weird… I did a try and it actually worked.

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Ok, that’s a bit weird. You’re saying that you e.g. closed the management tab, went back to the dapp you tried to authenticate to, clicked “login”, Internet Identity popped up, you authenticated with “Create Session” and landed on the management page again? That’s definitely a bug. If this happens again, could you take some screenshots or a (redacted) screen recording? That’d be super valuable!

That’s odd, I think this usually fixes the problem of e.g. the browser not offering the biometrics prompt; I’m not sure how this could have fixed the issue here (though I believe you)… Do you have a link to that NNS related post about the reboot?

Anyway, really glad you could login again!

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If that’s a mac we’ve had several people report the same on discord. I haven’t dug into it, but I guess it’s something to do with how apple handle the webauthn bio integration. It could be a bug on their side, or something related to some expiration date, since mac notebooks usually get long uptime even with normal use.

Yes, Im using a new macbook pro with fingerscan.

well well well…
i just had to wipe my phone due to an issue.
tried to log in to nns app, no chance, it won’t let me in.

now this phone was the only device i’ve ever used to log in.
it doesnt do anything when i enter the seed. anchor management doesnt do anything.

i only use a desktop other than my phone, and it has no fingerprint.
so i guess i am pretty rekt now, isn’t it?

if anyone can help me woudl appreciate a lot. thanks

Hello crl, did you solve it?
I have the same issue. First I’ve created an anchor on iOS (Chrome) and I did have access to my wallet. Next I added a new device (Chrome on Windows PC) but since I do not have any fingerprint on it, so I had to selected the QR code method for authorization. I scanned the QR code with my Iphone. The device has been addedd correctly, but now I’m stuck in the Anchor Management page on both devices and cannot go anywhere else.
When I added the second device (PC), the app on the Iphone asked me to save the key on the icloud keychain, as I did for the first device. Now I have two keys stored on icloud, but I cannot go anywhere else with both, and cannot access my wallet anymore!!
I’ve also tried to recover using the seed, but the result is the same: still blocked on the Anchor Management page.
Any idea?

Can you send an email to support@dfinity.org and we can look into the issue in further.


hello sir i want to login my dscvr account by seed phase of internet identity but when i am login my account,one confirmation send to my phone when i am give access but they show something went wrong.please help sir

@nmattia sir plzz help


Apologies for the delay, I was off for a few weeks.

If you try to login to dscvr then you you shouldn’t be using the recovery phrase; the recovery phrase can only be used to authenticate to II itself. Can you authenticate to https://identity.ic0.app or do you have issues there as well?

Hello, I am having issues gaining access to my NNS Dapp using my recovery phrase. I had a YubiKey to secure my account and have misplaced it recently. I also had added my Ledger Nano X to the account but it does not show as an option to gain access. When I put my recovery phrase in I just keep getting the message that the seed phrase is not recognized, I use Brave browser if that helps. Any info would be greatly appreciated!!

Hello, The first word of your recovery phrase should correspond to your anchor id. If it is not recognized you either wrote it incorrectly or accidentally removed it.

Do you have the FIDO app installed on your ledger device to authenticate into the NNS dapp? Did you test that it was configured correctly at any prior time? Have you tried to open the FIDO app on the ledger device and connect it when trying to authenticate?

To assist with troubleshooting your issue please send a message to support@dfinity.org

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