How to see which neurons have been disbursed from a parent neuron?

I have an 8 year neuron that I periodically make disbursements from (1-2 times per year). Whenever I disburse, a new neuron is created. Is it possible to see the neuron IDs that were created when I make a disbursement from my original 8 year neuron?

Hi @amircryptola1 and thanks for the question.
You mean if “in” your original neuron you can somehow see the neuron IDs that have been spawn from it, right? This is not possible.
If the spawned neurons have the same controller as the original one, you should be able to find them by using list_neurons and set the argument include_neurons_readable_by_caller to true.
Also, in this case if you use the NNS FE dapp, the neurons should popp up in the frontend.