After spawning new neuron why is the account field for that newly spawned neuron blank on IC Rocks?

After spawning a new neuron in DFX, I identified the new neuron id and looked it up on

This newly spawned neuron has a blank field under the “Account” field under neuron details on Why is that?

Additionally the newly spawned neuron doesn’t appear on the list of neurons under my principal id in

I am able to control the neuron and start dissolving it, and when i look up the neuron details in CLI DFX it says that my principal id is listed as the controller.

Can anyone help me understand this why this newly spawned neuron isn’t appearing under my principal id in

Also, i started to dissolve this newly spawned neuron, and it’s status on ic rocks says dissolving, and the dissolve date is one week from now. I was under the impression that newly spawned neurons have a 1 day dissolve period, why is this neuron saying 7 day dissolve time?

Thank you

It’s not possible to know which account is linked to a neuron, and vice versa, since Neuron IDs are random. The only way to link them is if they have a unique balance, then they are probably the same.

Dissolve date could be a bug, what does get_neuron_info on the governance canister return?


Let’s say i spawned a neuron and forgot to write down the newly spawned neuron id from the CLI response, how would i find out the newly spawned neuron id in that case?

When I look up get_neuron_info for the newly spawned neuron it returns:

dissolvedelayseconds = 600_192


= Opt Variant {WhenDissolvedTimeStampSeconds = 1_625_378_394}

How do I figure out what that time corresponds to?


You can call list_neurons and set include_neurons_readable_by_caller = true

date -r 1625378394
Sun Jul  4 12:59:54 +07 2021
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Okay, that worked. I used get_neuron_ids

Yes this is the date that IC.Rocks says, but that is a week from now. I thought the dissolve delay for spawned neurons was 1 day per the documentation. Is that not the case?

The default dissolve for newly spawned neurons is set at 7 days, so that’s accurate.

You might find it useful to add a hot key for your neurons so you can view this info in the nns app ( The new quill tool makes this easier than dfx:
Run quill --help , quill neuron-manage --help etc to see the options.
You could also combine that with Paul’s QR scanner:

These are a few more things to pick up I know, but once it’s set up it should make things smoother for you.

See here for the 1 day reference. Maybe this should he updated since it’s wrong?

“Newly spawned neurons have a dissolve delay of only one day, allowing the ICP locked inside to be easily retrieved if desired.”

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The quill documentation says:

“principal id and the account number, which you can use to receive ICP token transfers”

What is tbe difference between sending tokens to the principal id and the account number?