Hello from Canistore

Hi Forum,

I’m Barry a sound engineer from London, I’ve been working on the Canistore concept since the Tungsten event and could really use some help with the coding side of things.
We are currently looking for a dev or two to join/support the Canistore team. Ideally you will know Motoko/React and be familiar with the DFINITY SDK.

You’ll be joining a small team of two motivated Creatives, with the goal of building a new type of community model. Your aim will be to help create a simplified repo of the Canistore process, using a combination of the SDK Tutorials currently available.

Please note: We don’t have a budget at present, so the position is currently unpaid. So, if you’ve got the time and can commit a few hours (here and there) over the next couple of days, please get in touch!
Thanks again and we look forward to hearing from you! #GoDFINITY!


So what exactly is Canistore? That Telegram landing page isn’t all too telling, nor is https://canistore.io/ :grin:

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Hey, so the concept isn’t set in stone just yet, but at it’s core its a DAO-like DSP (Digital Service Provider) that generates licences for content creators amongst other things :slight_smile:
Canistore will be governed and owned by its community through a governance token, which users are rewarded with when they interact with the platform.

When we open the website, we’ll have a whole FAQ section and educational video’s to cover any questions, right now we’re still playing with some architecture possibilities.

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