Hello World from Berlin :)

Hey @Ori thanks for the invitation.


welcome to the community aaron!


You’re welcome Aaron! Great to see you here!


Hello back also from Berlin:)


hey tobi, welcome to the community! great to see fellow berliners in here :slight_smile:


Hey guys, also from Berlin here (Helmholzkiez)

@Aaron - let’s maybe have a coffee to go? Would be great to get some insights (I’m a >12+ yrs fullstack dev, some experience with Solidity)

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hello new world I m from Vienna ,pls can someone talk about this project in German.

hello world from China. Great team and project.

Hello guys,

I am a business student from Münster, Germany and would be very happy if somebody with coding skills is willing to explain some basics to me and maybe explore some future opportunities/ideas.
Just add me on Discord: JPBlack#3909 or add me on LinkedIn:Jan-Paul Schwarz

Looking forward hearing from you.

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Hey. Definitely. I’m 22 years at experience/sound/product design. Give a shout via PM. Winskiez & Weißensee.

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great to see so many fellow berliners in here. looking forward to host some meetups soon to see some of you in person!

hello JP black! I am a software engineer from california, feel free to contact me on discord if you have any technical questions! happy to help or link up in anyways

discord: blackcatgenetics333#6695

Hello world hello Dfinity

Chinese,happy for you,like golang .