Hello world from germany

hey everyone,
i’m moritz, a berlin based computer science student. i’ve been with dfinity since early 2018 as a community organizer. i’ve been eagerly waiting for the sdk and i’m super happy that it’s finally out now and we all can play around with it. i’m also excited about this new place for us to interact with each other, i think discourse is a great platform. i have little experience in functional programming or the actor model, which is what i‘m currently learning. if you have any question or problems feel free to reach out!


Heya, what part of town are you in? My office is in the Winskiez.


Hello DFINITY colleagues, I’m currently living in Hamburg. Got to know about the project on Twitter, as people seems to be getting excited about it.
And exciting it is!
Looking forward to see it happen, with all the good benefits that’s going to bring.

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Welcome! Glad to have you here :slight_smile: are you registered for todays big event?

Thank you cryptoschindler :slight_smile: !
Yes, I am registered, very much looking forward for it, popcorns ready.
If possible I will try to read:
before the event, to be a bit more prepared for the information.

regards from Hamburg


Are you going to the site to participate? I am envious of being able to participate on site.Wish you an impressive Genesis event :grinning:

oh, no, I will participate online. It might be impressive as well I think :slight_smile:
Wishing you as well a very exciting Genesis later! :smiley:

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