Free faucet running forever

After I login with Twitter on, the screen is stuck with running circle. Is the website down or am I doing something wrong? I am following this page Cycles Faucet | Internet Computer Developer Portal

It’s being updated right now, I’ll post here when it’s done.

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Out of curiosity why have you switched Github to Twitter to authenticate?


FYI I ran into a separate error (the auth part seems to work for me):

Another question: is there a reason why Dank XTC isn’t supported anymore for the faucet?

Hi all,
I’ll try to answer the questions in this thread.

First of all, the faucet should be loaded with cycles and working 100% again. An update was deployed with an error that was not caught in the local deployment, but it was fixed shortly after it was discovered. The faucet has also been loaded with cycles.

The reason we went with Twitter authentication is, that we had to move away from the GitHub integration. There were too many new accounts created by the same people with the intent of getting ICP/cycles, so we were forced to find another solution.

The solution was to use Twitter AND go away from transferring the cycles to a wallet, and instead have the users create a wallet canister and transfer the cycles to that. A user now has to have dfx installed, and setup a wallet canister, to claim the free cycles. That should be a barrier for those who are just trying to get free cycles without the intent of actually using the cycles for deploying a dapp.

Towards the end of last week we saw an increase in abuse again, where the cycles got drained as fast as we could add them, so over the weekend more requirements were added to qualify for the free cycles (no impact for most real accounts). We don’t want to end up in the same situation as before, where a lot of new/passive twitter accounts are being used to drain the faucet.

We want developers to have the opportunity to get free cycles, but also keep abuse to a minimum.