Dfinity cycles faucet is showing out of free cycles

I was trying to get the free cycle using cycles faucet but the screen is showing faucet is currently out of cycles please try again later! Is there anything that i can do to avail the free cycles? The first two screen Auth and SDK Setup working properly and afte auth it shown me that i am eligible to avail 20T free cycles, but on this claim screen i’m stuck, what should i do? did i miss anything?


Any updates? @diegop

Thanks for the ping @Zane

@manubodhi can you try again please?

There was a time last week when faucet ran out of cycles but it has been since replenished

For visibility: I deleted the latest comment from @808mafia since it was pure combo of trolling gibberish.

I got my free cycle after several attempts in consecutive days. But now when I am trying to deploy to main net another error coming, that needs to be posted as another thread. Will post a link to that here