Cycles Faucet is now LIVE!

Hello everyone!

We are so excited to announce that the cycles faucet is now LIVE! :rocket:

The DFINITY Foundation has launched the faucet in partnership with Fleek as a way to supercharge development on the Internet Computer and support our growing developer ecosystem. Qualified developers can access $100 worth of free cycles to begin deploying Canister smart contracts to the network.

Developers can choose to receive their cycles via a new or existing cycles wallet, or via Dank, a new service offered by Fleek.

Claim your free cycles and read more about the faucet!



So apparently your github account needs to be older than 90 days (understandable) and be active in the last 30 days. What does that mean, exactly? Every day for the past 30 days? any day? It’s an ambiguous message imo.

The requirement is just any activity within the last 30 days (not 30 consecutive days). We just updated the language to make sure it’s clearer for other devs going forward. Thanks for the feedback!


This is amazingggg :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Great! Cycles Faucet will bring more and more developers to notice IC and use it.

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I withdrew cycles from the faucet to the principal ID on my NNS app instead of my local principal ID to not lose them in case my local gets wiped. How would I charge canisters from there?

Unfortunately, there is no way for you to retrieve these cycles if you used your NNS principal. The faucet flow provides explicit instructions on using dfx and your dfx principal. Can you confirm which option you selected (Dank, new cycles wallet, or existing cycles wallet)?

Hi, Maybe stupid question here…
I claimed my cycles and executed
dfx identity --network ic set-wallet --force bla-bla-bla-bla…
and got this error…
Could not reach the server: error sending request for url ( error trying to connect: tcp connect error: Host is unreachable (os error 113)
checking in a browser just hangs…
Is this my end (firewall) or is this old version of code or something going on with the network?
Any ideas?

Can you confirm what version of the SDK you’re running? dfx --version

It also looks like you may be pinging Sodium and/or referencing an old Sodium wallet.

I’m using dfx 0.6.26

I’d recommend upgrading to either 0.7.2 or 0.8.0

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That Worked! Thanks!


So, I did some more experimenting. I was able to import the wallet into NNS and see the cycles.

Basically, what I did:

  • Provided the principal from my NNS app
  • Selected new wallet in the faucets app
  • was provided dfx identity --network ic set-wallet --force bla-bla-bla-bla
  • then went into the nns app and selected “create or link canister”
  • selected “link canister to account”
  • entered the wallet ID from above (bla-bla…) here
  • the canisters list on NNS shows a canister with the wallet ID and the 75 T cycles in it.

I assume now I can add my local identity principal ID as a controller here and then transfer cycles from this canister to others I’m deploying on the network. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

Or if this method is not suggested for some pitfall that I’m not yet seeing.



Just a quick note in case it may help others -

I had the same ‘NNS’ principle problem described here however, whilst I could see and add controllers to the wallet canister in NNS I could not deploy or control the wallet - got ‘only a controller/custodian can call this method’ all the time.

Curiously the solution turned out to be calling the ‘upgrade’ method on the wallet. The wallet accepted the upgrade and after that I am able to deploy/control as expected. dfx 0.8.0.


I am adding to this as mentioned by @davebland

So, basically after adding my local DFX identity principal as a controller to the wallet canister listed on the NNS, if I try to do something like “dfx wallet --network ic balance”, I would get a “only a custodian/controller can call this method”. The way to fix this is to run the following:

dfx wallet --network ic upgrade

You’ll get a “Upgraded the wallet wasm module.” message.

Post which if you query the balance, it should just work

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I’ve claimed my free faucet but while trying to view it in browser ( it says error 404 not found. Does anything changed?

but inside terminal dfx wallet --network=ic balance shows the 20T cycles.

Try instead. Context is here: [FOLLOW UP ON ITEM] New canisters will only be accessible through the domain. Existing canisters will be accessible both through and

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Ohh Thanks :slight_smile: