Earth Wallet iOS & Android - the mobile self custody ICP wallet is here!

Hi all,

We’re happy to announce that Earth Wallet is now available on iOS and Android :partying_face:!

It’s been almost a year ago since Earth Wallet’s beginnings as the first self custody wallet on the Internet Computer Protocol. Our mission was simple - to help Dfinity by building a great user experience for the new and growing ICP community who had clear pain points. Since then, we have shipped:

  • Multi-chain support of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and Internet Computer in a single account.
  • NFT support for Internet Computer NFTs.
  • Secure dApp connections providing the industry standard experience for dApp connections (and pointed out major security vulnerabilities with the current way of injecting the entire identity actor into dApps).
  • Developer docs to make it easy for new Internet Computer developers to get started building on the IC.
  • Cycles swap support making it easy for the IC community to swap between ICP and cycles.
  • Partnered with leaders of regenerative finance to offset the environmental footprint of our wallet.

However, after delivering (and exceeding) our original promises to the community, we unfortunately have not received a single dollar of the supposed billion dollars of community grant funding. Zero marketing/development support (not even a retweet after requesting several times). We continued to work on building infrastructure for this community for some time and hoped that our product will speak for itself, but since that didn’t work, we will have to move to other ecosystems until it is.

We sincerely hope that things change moving forward, and both Dfinity and the IC community recognizes and supports our team in creating new and innovative products that can drive significant users, liquidity, and market value. We have successfully added billions to other blockchains, and have several ideas of how we can do the same for ICP through great unique products if that time comes.


Very cool - just downloaded on iOS and will give this a shot!

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I will give it a shot. ICP needs a mainstream wallet that can match the likes of phantom wrt to UX and features. I really like II but I don’t it will match more centralized wallets anytime soon in terms of features. .

looks nice will have a play

I do not work with grants, but I do work with Dfiity main Twitter accounts as of the last few weeks.

Curious: how and when did you ask for the RT? I have been RT’ing multiple projects when I see them, but I cannot keep track of most things. I did RT a few today alone. Its possible folks like you are asking for RTs but I am not seeing them.

I want to get better here.


Most of the people I follow I cannot see their tweets. I have to literally go on their profiles daily to see what’s going on. Twitter algorithm is horrible.

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The IC is small so there are a few other wallets. I have downloaded your wallet and sent some ICP to it. Don’t give up on the ecosystem yet, even if it may seem that it has given up on you. As we get more people the more options the better.

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Diego, I can not open my “ICP” wallet on the Earth Wallet Chrome extension and the reviews of the iOS app are saying the same. It looks like @Goku, took the path of stealing the funds, or I am wrong, @Goku? @diegop please, alert the community about this and take a minute to check the reviews of the “Earth Wallet Chrome extension”.

The best place to ask for help is via real time support in the telegram channel. I don’t see any issues on the mobile app:

I take notes like this very seriously, so let me flag this up to folks who more than I do.

Can you share version details of your chrome extension and browser in our telegram support Telegram: Contact @earth_wallet . Earth Wallet Chrome Extension is 100% open source GitHub - earthwallet/wallet: 🌎 Earth Wallet - A Self Custody Browser Extension for your Digital Assets Send and Receive ICP working good in latest builds of Chrome extension, ios and android.

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So upon further review, seems the Chrome Wallet reviews are from when Dfinity changed the recommended IC address scheme from ECDSA to ED25519. This required everyone to export and re-import their keys (other IC wallets also did this, as there is no other way around it), it seems some people did not do this. But if you did this, your IC account should work as expected.

That being said, we actually stopped working on the Internet Computer almost a year ago after building the first self custody wallet, mobile app, and more for ICP. Unfortunately, our efforts to help support Dfinity have largely been ignored or discredited by the community, and we have not received much support in return. Given that we do have limited resources, we will start looking into the proper way to sunset ICP support to focus on other ecosystems. I’ll make another post once we finalize that plan.

Apologies for the inconvenience, and I would appreciate if you could try to contact our listed support channels before making bold claims about stealing funds or leaving nasty reviews on a free open source project.

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There must be some misunderstanding here. There has not been any change to recommended signature algorithms or account addresses. Tooling developed and/or supported by DFINITY has been using ECDSA/secp256k1 since launch and this never changed (e.g. keysmith, quill, Ledger app). In fact, support for ECDSA/secp256r1 has even been added to agent-rs recently, since web cryptography allows better client-side security procedures. All those signature schemes (ECDSA on secp256k1 and secp256r1 as well as Ed25519) will remain supported.

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I believe it was related to token standards the early open source community on ICP was using for self custody of IC20 Tokens and NFTs (CAP protocol used a different address scheme than the ICP balances). I’m guessing it’s something related to this, but happy to hop on a call with anyone if they are experiencing these issues to figure out what exactly the issue is, everything seems to be working fine on our end.