Introducing Earth Wallet 🌍

Fellow Earthlings,

I’m happy to announce Earth Wallet is now approved and ready for beta testing on the chrome app store. Earth Wallet is the first dedicated self custody wallet browser extension for the Internet Computer, with over 15,000 registered signups :rocket: :sunglasses:! We are hoping to bring more users into the Internet Computer ecosystem with a streamlined, easy to use, and clean user experience. Features:

  • Open source
  • Self custody wallet
  • Import/Export via mnemonic phrase
  • Send and Recieve ICP
  • View transaction history

The wallet is currently in Beta and we are looking for people to help test and give us feedback on the user experience and features, feel free to download the app for any chrome compatible browser (i.e. Chrome, Brave, Firefox) on the Google Chrome Store and you can give us feedback in our telegram community or on twitter.

We built this because there was a clear need for a simple, user friendly IC wallet, and MetaMask was instrumental to the success of Ethereum. So we hope that Earth Wallet will enable the next wave of users to enjoy their Internet Computer experience!


Is there any possibility to store custom erc20 tokens in Earth wallet?

Hey there, welcome to the wallet ecosystem! Do you have your code live on github etc?

Not yet, but we will add it

Yes! The link is on our website, or directly here.

Hey great work!. Do you foresee a feature like web3 injection in MetaMask?

We already have this feature available today. Developers can build Internet Computer apps and have their keys stored in Earth Wallet today with our SDK.

To connect you simple connect to the injected accounts here GitHub - earthwallet/extension: 🔏 Earth Wallet Browser Extension. We will be adding a demo as well in a few days, but if you need any help feel free to reach out and we would be happy to help you get up and running.


Will check it out in coming days. Thanks!