Stoic Wallet for the Internet Computer by Toniq Labs

Hey everyone,

Just want to share the latest release of Stoic Wallet. We released an updated user interface and design and cleaned up some code behind the scenes. Stoic started off as a simple dev tool we used internallybefore we decided to release it as a wallet. With it you can connect to it using your Internet Identity, or you can use a seed phrase and access it like other decentralized wallets (e.g. metamask). In future we will support hardware wallets and eventually allow PEM key imports (for seed users).

We want Stoic to become a multi-platform wallet with the ability to:

  1. Manage and store currencies, like ICP and other tokens (check out on twitter, we are airdropping worthless $NIQ tokens for fun)
  2. Manage neurons for general governance and staking of ICP
  3. To manage NFT’s in a sort of “infinite backpack” type way
  4. Integrate with 3rd party tools and apps (games, exchanges, liquidity pools, atomic bridges)
  5. Pay for things online/in person using your device and QR codes

We have complete and released #1 and are close to completing #2 and #3 (both are in test - release end of the month/early July, so get ready for some NFT airdrops!). In regards to #4, please get in touch if you want to collab with us as we would love to assist with getting tokens deployed and added to our wallet.

Any questions, fire away below or on twitter!

Check our wallet out at and our website, and follow us on Twitter and Medium


wow very cool. looking forward to the pem key and seed management

Will seed users eventually be able to put their seed into a hardware wallet and use that to interface with their neurons? I’m not sure what pem key import entails but that doesn’t sound secure.

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ya that would be nice. During the AMA they said:

“there are plans to have a proper app the ledger app store. It’s in the works, but it still won’t allow to manage seed neurons via the GUI, unfortunately.”

this comment was in relation to to the NNS app though. Not sure if Stoic wallet would be able to do that since they don’t have the same limitations as the NNS app has

No support for seed > hardware wallets. PEM import would work similar to MyEtherWallet where you have to choose the file everytime. We may make this only available on the desktop app as well.

Hi! I noticed something strange. When I connect to the wallet with II and log out and then log in with another user number with the same fido-key it recognizes me with the first Principal ID regardless of me changing the user number. Hows that possible? Maybe someone wanna try this…

Thanks! I think it’s just not registering the change in principal so is purely a visual bug, however you shouldn’t be able to send tokens from the first II account using the second logged in one. We’ll do some testing and get it fixed asap. Thanks for finding this

Quick follow up - yeah found the bug, as per what I was expecting. The fix wont be released for another day though as we are in the middle of a build release/test phase. As the bug is purely visual, and it has no effect on any stored tokens and is only local, it’s not a high priority. Thanks again for finding this bug though :slight_smile:

Loving to see this wallet. Thanks!
One thing that would be nice is to have a “Max” button to send exactly the full balance minus the fee. In other words, emptying out the account. When trying it by hand I noticed that there might be a bug calculating whether there are enough funds or not. For example, with 0.0010 ICP in the account I could send 0.0009 no problem. But with less than that it didn’t work anymore to subtract 0.0001 from the balance and to send that. The error was “insufficient funds”.


Thanks, we will definitely be adding a few features like this in the next release. Thanks:-)

this looks awesome! I’m looking forward to full hardware support. . .

When I login to Stoic with my Internet Identity, I’m getting a wallet with totally different address and it is empty. Why is that? Shouldn’t I get the same wallet as in NNS?

No - II gives you a different principal (private key) on a per domain basis. This will not be the same as NNS

I created a custom erc20 token in Motoko local environment. Is this any possibility of adding custom tokens in stoic wallet

Hi, we are working on NFT project od DFINITY. Is it possible to integrate with your wallet?

Yeah man, send me a msg lets get in touch.

I tried to stake with the stoic wallet but the ICP just went to some adress without showing a neuron in my wallet? How can i connect to the new neuron?

Thanks - this was fixed in private, all working now :slight_smile:

Just to confirm, this Stoic wallet is a supported/recognized wallet by the DFinity team correct? And staking is available on the current version?


We are listed on the showcase section, but that’s it. We weren’t commissioned to build it or anything like that, so it’s definitely considered 3rd party. Staking is available yes