Duplicate transactions shown in NNS app for linked Hardware Wallet

I’ve just noticed that every Hardware Wallet transaction is shown twice in the NNS app. The bug is only cosmetic. Anybody else seeing that? Thanks.

This is a known issue. I actually made the code change to fix it 3 weeks ago but have just noticed that although the change was approved ages ago, I guess it was on me to merge it in and I never did. Doh! I’ve just merged it in now.

This is the change - Prevent hardware wallets from being attached to accounts multiple times by hpeebles · Pull Request #678 · dfinity/nns-dapp · GitHub

The issue was that if you add the same hardware wallet twice, it would be linked to your account twice, and in turn all transactions would appear twice.


Thank you for your answer. Strange, I’m almost certain I added the hardware wallet only once.
Is there a way to disconnect the hardware wallet or will your code change also remove/ignore the duplicate. Thanks.

The duplicate hardware wallets are not actually visible so there is nothing you can do to remove it.

Earlier today I made a code change which will remove the existing duplicates. My earlier change only fixed the issue going forward.

I expect this change to be released at some point next week.

Wow, that was quick! You’re the best. Thank you. :muscle:

Hey! Do you mind also considering making the following cosmetic changes?

  1. Enable removing hardware wallets as hot keys
  2. Enable changing the name of the hardware wallet on the NNS app
  3. Enable copy and paste of numbers on the NNS app - for some reason I can’t highlight and copy the numbers on the NNS website (I have to type them manually)

Appreciate the consideration