Ledger Device & SNS

Hi Dfinity,

Does the Ledger device support SNS transactions yet?

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My colleague @lmuntaner knows the subject better than me. He’s currently on vacation, I recall him mentioning that the hardware technically supports Snses. However, it has not yet been implemented in the NNS-dapp.

I’m not entirely certain, but either @lara or my colleague (when he returns) can confirm or refute it.

Forwarding this additional information from engineers:

looking here and here, some work has been done on SNS transactions on the Ledger hardware wallet. As far as we know, there is no support in the NNS frontend dapp right now, so another client would have to be used to trigger this on the Ledger device.

Thanks Laura. Who is the person at Zondax I should be following for these updates?

I know as much as you, but looking at this history, it looks like carlosala is making most of the changes.

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As my colleagues have confirmed, the ICP Ledger App supports SNS transactions. Actually, it supports any ICRC1 transaction. Also for ICP token.

We haven’t yet implemented this functionality in the NNS Dapp yet.

Thanks when will this happen? The SNS’s are beginning and people need a more secure option than II.

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We’re currently reviewing the roadmap and I’ll share this feedback with the product manager.

I’ll mark myself this post to update you when I know more about it.


Any update on this? I prefer holding it on a ledger as this is more secure, and from a technical standpoint I can’t imagine it being alot of work.

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@lmuntaner @lara Good afternoon, I concur with the last poster, can we please get hardware wallet support for SNS, I’m surprised it’s not implemented already as many consider it vital, thank you for your great work.

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Thanks for the message @john1

I’ll pass the feedback along and I hope we can start working on it soon.

I’ll keep you posted. Thanks!


Hey! How are we looking? With 14 SNSs, ckBTC, ckETH, and ckERC20 slated to launch soon this is needed more than ever.

Happy new year.

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Yes come on guys, we are waiting for this, please mark it as somewhat urgent, thank you and happy new year

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@lmuntaner @lara

It has been some time since the last progress update to this thread. I was wondering if there is a plan to add the feature of holding SNS tokens using a hardware wallet, or whether its already being worked out and there being some hurdles.

Its very anxious holding this much value without a hardware wallet. Had to stake my tokens to make it somewhat safer.

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Hi @wilak ,

There has been some progress on that regard. I expect to be able to submit a proposal with a new feature that will enable us to more easily support SNS tokens in HW.

One of the main problems to support is not technical, but UX. This is the main part that will be fixed this month or early February.

Once we have the new UX, we can start working on supporting hardware wallet for SNS tokens and neurons. But I don’t know when we’ll start. I hope soon also. I’ll pass along the request so that we prioritize it accordingly.

Thanks for the comment and sorry the inconveniences.


Hey, hope you are well! We are now in March :slight_smile:

How’s work on making SNS tokens compatible with ledger devices coming?

Yes, lets get the ledger integration for SNS wrapped up now, it’s important and we have been waiting a long time, thank you

Hi all,
work has started to add support for the new signer standard to the ledger hardware wallet.
This has the benefit that going forward it is not needed that each individual method on the ledger or on neurons needs to be added to the hardware device.

Therefore, our current plan is also to go for this long-term solution in the NNS dapp rather than just adding support for individual transactions. The timeline of this is not yet clear, but I am happy to update here when we know more.

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