Ledger Device & SNS

Hi Dfinity,

Does the Ledger device support SNS transactions yet?

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My colleague @lmuntaner knows the subject better than me. He’s currently on vacation, I recall him mentioning that the hardware technically supports Snses. However, it has not yet been implemented in the NNS-dapp.

I’m not entirely certain, but either @lara or my colleague (when he returns) can confirm or refute it.

Forwarding this additional information from engineers:

looking here and here, some work has been done on SNS transactions on the Ledger hardware wallet. As far as we know, there is no support in the NNS frontend dapp right now, so another client would have to be used to trigger this on the Ledger device.

Thanks Laura. Who is the person at Zondax I should be following for these updates?

I know as much as you, but looking at this history, it looks like carlosala is making most of the changes.

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