Community owned website?


I would like to create a very simple community owned static website, where a group of people can vote on website updates. Is there some pre-existing solution close to this? There is the NNS itself of course, but I imagine that some application canister owners will have been working on a solution already.

I lie slightly: I have absolutely no time for this but I think it is needed. Reality often has impossible constraints so here goes anyway. If anyone wants to work on this I would back the effort with funds. It would be cool to work on. I’m kicking myself for not having enough time.

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Note: Once we have native domain names, a canister that controlled a domain name would be one way of implementing this. The canister would point the domain name at another canister that hosted the actual static site. Proposals to upgrade could be creating another canister and voting on pointing the DNS at the next canister. Just a thought. The static website would have to be immutable for this design. What do you think?

I’m interested to see what comes of this: Service Nervous System

I imagine there might be some trade off between convenience and flexibility.