Static Websites, Asset Canisters, DNS

I see that it is now possible to create canisters directly from the NNS.

I have been holding off going all in with this until things have had time to settle down.

Is anyone already successfully deploying static websites to the IC without going through Fleek?

Are there any developments around asset canisters?

When can we expect to see some DNS news?

Thanks in advance for any insight!


Yes, this is doable now! I’ll be recording a video demonstration on how to deploy an asset canister soon, and we are finalizing our docs written docs on it now.

As for DNS, that project hasn’t been completed yet, but we have a path forward that will be the first implementation we’re aware of for a new web standard around multi-party TLS signing. I’m excited to see that project come through


That’s great to hear. Thanks for the update @kpeacock!

@kpeacock regarding DNS, can you say whether or not it’s worth investing in traditional domain names?

Any updates on this stuff?

I am still biding my time until I go all in on the Internet Computer!

I’ve deployed multiple websites to the IC just from the command line, it’s my preferred way to do it


It’s the custom domains that I’m really waiting on. I know you are too.

I have lots of websites that I want to move over but I need to preserve all the URLs. I think it is possible using fleek but I want to be as autonomous as possible.

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Definitely looking forward to that video. You may be aware of this:
MPC to share TLS session. They also expanded into a spec they call Candid (2020/2021) so perhaps they are not read into the IC. Might be worth cooperating.

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Currently there is possibility to have custom DNS, however it involves a little bit of work. You need to buy DNS along with hosting that gives you possibility to make reverse_proxy. Then you point your proxy to the container in question.

If you need further explanation on how to do it from technical perspective, I can prepare tutorial on how to do it with custom server and nginx


That would be great, thanks!

It would be preferable to be able to handle this directly on the IC but any stop gap solution is interesting.