Service Nervous System

After reading OpenChat: A Truly Decentralized Alternative to WhatsApp I was curious about something, so I asked Matt Grogan about it on OpenChat:

@Matt in your Medium article you said “OpenChat will become an open internet service once tokenization is enabled on the Internet Computer”. Can you elaborate on that?

Specifically the “once tokenization is enabled on the Internet Computer” part

Matt was kind enough to let me share his response here too:

The Internet Compute IC) has governance tokens (ICP) which can be locked into “neurons” and used to vote on proposals to change the IC which are then executed by the Network Nervous System (NNS). An “open internet service” or dapp will issue its own governance tokens which can be locked into neurons and used to vote on proposals to change the dapp which are executed by the Service Nervous System (SNS) which will be closely related to the NNS. This is not yet possible but is actively being developed by Dfinity who in time will submit a proposal (or more likely a series of proposals) to allow the IC to support this.

Is there any more information available on the Service Nervous System?

It seems like people who are actively thinking about governance would be interested in knowing that something is in the works.


I asked about this in the NNS AMA:


I got this response:

I take you mean autonomous governance for user/developer dapps. This is technically possible already, but users have to roll their own (the NNS is just a plain dapp itself, only given special powers by the IC). We have it in the roadmap to provide a simplified framework/blueprint that users can use out of the box. Also I think there are community projects to do this.


Well, I hope this is prioritized in their roadmap, because this is one of the big selling points with IC in my opinion and partly why I was so excited about IC to begin with. I e. Open Internet Services with tokenized governance…