Cold wallets to store my ICP Tokens

Are there any cold wallets that accept ICP tokens? I use Ledger Nano as my primary wallet and would like to know if there is anyway in storing my ICP token on it


Ledger support for ICP custody is coming very soon. The app is ready and is currently being reviewed by Ledger.


Thanks for confirming. Do you know if Ledger will offer ICP Staking?

The initial version will only support sending/receiving ICP, but an upcoming version with support for staking is currently under development.

Thanks for the info much appreciated

how soon?

been waiting 4.5 years so far.

How soon is very soon? It’s four months now… is there any info new when the Ledger Nano App is ready now?

Fwiw I gave an update yesterday on forum and I give regular updates on the staking dev thread.

To your credit, I tried to hit every staking related thread with updates but I missed this one. Sorry about that.

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