Holding ICP on Ledger device supported now?

Hello ICPeople

Ive seen the tweet about Ledger now supporting ICP. Is that correct that one can now hold ICP on the Ledger device?

Would it be a good idea to instead of holding 100% on the NNS, to maybe allocate like 20% over to the Ledger device? You know the saying, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. In case you would somehow someway loose access to one or the other, or is that exact point making it more complicated to keep two places secure? Holding on the NNS feels really smooth and safe and nothing to worry about, but just something that came to mind after hearing that Ledger now is supported.

Yes it is correct that users can now store ICP directly on the ledger through the Ledger Live app on Android/Desktop instead of using the NNS app. The iOS ledger live support is coming soon.

How you decide to manage your tokens is completely up to you and depends on your security threat model.

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Hello, random question… When will this feature (ledger wallet/ Ledgerlive) be available in the USA? As of right now, it is not available in my region. Great initiative, and love the idea. However, this only appears to give another option to those with (an existing) plethora of other ways to buy/sell. As of right now, Coinbase inc. is the only place to buy/sell ICP in my area. To me, this seems like a centralized/ monopolized mess and is great for anyone in less restrictive areas.

Not to be a “Karen/Kevin”, but does DFINITY have plans to add this feature (ledger/ ledger live support), as well as find other ways to list, buy & sell the ICP token? If not, how does it intend to address the issues mentioned (Coinbase becoming a monopolizing party holding, buying &selling ICP Token(S) in various geographic areas)?

Again, love the idea of adding it to the ledger app, as this reduces the monopolized hold Coinbase has. However, for now it is very limited in who this helps.

The lack of initiative to not have their token monopolized by the centralized entity Coinbase is causing concern and raises a variety of red flags. If curious about what my “beef” with Coinbase is. Well, there is none. Except the Terms and Conditions of their site. “So, the whole company?”, Yes. (failed attempt at humor).

EDIT: Or is this available in USA and I’m an idiot using a MAC IOS and therefore have to wait until (like you explicitly stated above) until it becomes available on IOS? If so, my apologies in advance for the snarky comments.

Ledger Live buy, which allows users to purchase ICP directly through Ledger Live is being investigated and although there are no current announcements that are ready at this time, it is a feature that is being investigated and may be supported in the future.

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Thats great thanks for the answer.

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