Ledger Live now supports ICP

Dear @lmuntaner,

I just realized that Ledger Live (desktop) now displays the ICP wallets, and supports the features “send” and “receive”.

So I wanted to know if the support for neurons (display & staking features) is already planned, and if you have any ETA about it.

Thank you !



Yes, the Ledger Live for ICP went live today!

We still don’t have an ETA for staking. But it’s in the roadmap.

I’ll pass along that users are asking for it and that might fast track it :wink:



Ouaow ! Crazy coincidence ! I was never checking the adding, but it appears that I checked the right day :grinning:. What a joy to see ICP within Ledger Live. Thanks a lot for your reply :pray:

Dear @lmuntaner,

I just wanted to let you know that I noticed that when you click on the link “view in explorer” in Ledger Live to check any specific transaction, it does not display our dearest dashboard (https://dashboard.internetcomputer.org), but this one : www.icpexplorer.org. Is this on purpose ?

Would not it be preferable to display our “official” dashboard, more complete ?

I believe that this happened by accident and will be corrected.


Any update on if SNS tokens are now supported by the ledger device?

Regarding SNS tokens supported by the ledger device, we are working on a new release of the Ledger App that will support them.

Then, we will need to add that support in the NNS Dapp.

We don’t have yet an ETA on that, but it’s a priority in our roadmap.

I’ll pass along the request to product. It’s good to know that users are asking for this.

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