ICP Accounts, Attach New Hardware Wallet Option Questions

Hello, I just noticed as of today under Internet Computer Content Validation Bootstrap I can attach a Hardware wallet when I click “Add Account”. I really want to store staked ICP on a hardware wallet for extra security.

I tried both a Trezor and Ledger hardware wallet but they both don’t work and an error pops up saying “Type Error: The first argument must be one of type string, Buffer, ArrayBuffer, Array, or Array-like Object. Recived type undefined”.

What hardware wallets are supported if any yet? Are there plans for Trezor or Ledger Support? I know I can already do Fido UF2 for my internet Identity but how about just for wallets itself?

Also if I have an account on a hardware wallet, can anyone use the wallet (That has access to the hardware wallet that created it) or does it have to tie to the same Identity that created it? I know regular accounts are related to the users identity. I’m curious as if someone “somehow” lost access or had their identity stolen (Like stealing your Yubi key and somehow knows your user account #). Would it still be possible to restore/attach the hardware wallet to a different Identity (Or without an Identity at all)? Are hardware wallets completely separate from identities on the IC?



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Is that Why I Lost 90% of my account $$$ in less than 35 Days?? It’s not working, Why???

Is this the hardware wallet support we’ve been waiting for in order to manage seed neurons ? Any update on that? Last i heard someone say it was waiting for ledger live integration? Is that accurate? Anyone care to give an update?

Yeah I’m still waiting for an update myself. Can’t find anything on it in the documentation currently.

Any news regarding that issue?

Nope, still waiting, feel like no one will answer at this point which is sad as this is holding a ton of users back including myself from using IC as we want a more secure option for holding ICP.

I lost access to my wallet… every time i try to access with my thumbprint it says failed to authenticate… what’s happening??? is there any customer support?

i tried to recover using my recover text and delete the

i got this" unknown error occurred while talking to the credential manager??? who the f is the credential the manager??? how can i access my wallet again

I’m new to the project and from what I can see wallet availability is poor. I have not found anywhere a simple download and install wallet like there should be. There is no Ledger, Metamask, etc. support as of yet which is even crazier.

I never understand why crypto projects slack off when its comes to the wallet. In my opinion, it is a fundamental key component of the project.

For ICP security, we need hardware wallets. I hope the official team advances the cooperation with Ledger and Trezor.

Fwiw Ledger integration is coming (it’s already possible in developer mode but not on consumer mode of Ledger). You can follow updates won this here: [Soft Launch] Improved IC Staking Documentation and Experience - #13 by diegop