Changes to the minting of maturity on Neuron Disburse

Hello everyone,

I would like to share with the community some recent subtle changes to the minting of maturity on Neuron disburse.

Until recently, when a neuron was disbursed, all the maturity associated with the neuron would be minted and disbursed along with the stake to the provided ledger account.

This worked well on most self-custody situations since it would save the user from having to do the extra step of minting the maturity before disbursing the neuron, since in most cases users want to disburse the full stake of dissolved neurons.

However, this functionality revealed itself to be a problem in cases where the the neuron holder would be disbursing all or part of the stake to someone else’s account, since it would, in addition to the stake, mint and transfer all of the neuron’s maturity. The main problem being that the user might be inadvertently transferring more than expected, since the transfer would include the maturity in addition to the desired amount of stake.

As of this proposal the semantics have slightly changed and maturity is no longer minted on disburse. If a user still wishes to fully disburse a neuron along with all of its maturity, the user can still merge the maturity of the neuron before the disburse, but this can now also be done after the disburse, meaning neuron disburse henceforth will only disburse up to the totality of the neuron’s stake but never more than that.