Mergin maturity in an existing neuron

Say I have 2 neurons: “a” 6 months lockup non dissolving and “b” 8 years lockup non dissolving, I’d like to merge the maturity from a to b, but currently it seems this isnt possible, only way to achieve this would be to spawn a new neuron everytime, dissolve it and add the ICP to neuron b’s stake, its quite messy though.

Also I’ve read the merge maturity option is permanent and can’t be disabled, why is that a thing? I’m planning on never dissolving neuron b, but if I enable merge maturity on it and there is no way to disable it I’d never get tokens out of the neuron without dissolving.

The merge maturity command only merges the currently held maturity back into the neuron, you would have to repeat it every time you want to merge any newly accumulated maturity. It’s a single action, not a toggle and has no effect on future maturity.

(Your approach re funding a second neuron with rewards is the way to do it at the moment.)

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I read this guide: Managing Neurons in the NNS Dapp: The ONLY Guide you Need
and it seems to state the opposite, not sure if the author made an error or I misunderstood him, cause this is what he says about merge maturity option:
“Instead of accumulating maturity to spawn new neurons, you can elect to add some or all of your daily maturity accrual directly to your ICP stake. However, this choice cannot be undone, so be careful.”

" Don’t use this option if…
You plan to spawn new neurons or plan never to dissolve your neuron."

Your approach re funding a second neuron with rewards is the way to do it at the moment.

Is that by design or just something thats hasn’t been worked on yet? To me it seems like a feature many would need, but I might be wrong cause I haven’t seen any discussions about it.

The word “elect” may be a bit misleading there, it’s a one time action for the currently held maturity only. But the warning is with good intention, merging the currently held maturity isn’t reversible and will lock up the ICP minted by it at that moment.
(Note the merge maturity command also allows you to merge just a percentage of the maturity held and leave the rest untouched).

It’s likely to change, there’s a related discussion on the handling of maturity etc here. The need to spawn a new neuron and dissolve could be removed in the course of all this.

I understand, well I think the wording of the article should be rethought then cause its confusing in my opinion, anyway thanks for the clarification.

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