Reconfigure Staking Options

I’ve been thinking about various ways in which staking options can be improved. I think having the ability to merge neurons and split neurons has been hugely helpful but I do think further improvements could be made. Here I propose:

  1. Improvements to Merge Maturity

I believe Merge Maturity can be significantly improved by allowing neuron owners to apply maturity from one neuron to another neuron (within the same controller ID). Imagine having 2 neurons with an 8 year dissolve delay and you wanted to apply all the maturity from both to a third neuron with a 6 month delay. Today the process to do that would be very cumbersome – spawn a new neuron, disburse, and stake ICP or use the merge neuron function. I am getting tired thinking about it.

  1. Spawn New Neuron

Keep this one as is.

  1. Disburse

Allow folks to disburse with 1 week delay. This would prevent one from having to spawn a new neuron and then disburse from there. This one I am less tied to as there are benefits to making it more administratively annoying to disburse.

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