Issue Regarding the Transfer of Token Maturity in ICP and CHAT Neurons

I am writing to address a concern I have encountered recently in relation to the maturity spawning mechanism.

Upon initiating the spawning process for neurons, with the objective of transferring their associated tokens to the primary wallet, I noticed an inconsistency. Specifically, I did not receive the accrued maturity alongside the tokens. This observation holds true for both ICP and CHAT neurons.

The initial staked tokens themselves have been successfully transferred as expected. However, the maturity associated with these neurons seems to remain locked within the neurons themselves, rather than accompanying the tokens to the main wallet. This is unexpected behavior according to my understanding of the protocol, and has prompted me to seek clarification and potentially technical support.

I am unsure if this is a designed feature of the system, a potential glitch, or simply a misunderstanding on my part. I would greatly appreciate it if you could shed some light on this issue.

Looking forward to your response, and thank you in advance for your time and support.

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Hi @Cris.MntYetti !

There is some missing functionality as you mention, and also some misunderstanding. Let me explain.

Yes, in CHAT (and other SNS) neurons, maturity is currently “stuck” inside the neuron and can’t be converted to tokens. We are working on adding a feature called “Disburse Maturity”.

There seems to be a misunderstanding about how rewards are distributed. The rewards don’t go to the main account, instead, they are distributed to the neurons as maturity. Then, it’s up to the owner of the neuron to decide what to do with the maturity.

In NNS neurons, users can either stake the maturity to increase voting power, or can spawn a new neuron from the maturity. Spawning a neuron creates a neuron that will be available in seven days.

In SNS neurons, users can only stake maturity to increase voting power. As I mentioned, we’re working in adding the functionality to disburse maturity.

I hope that helps to understand the issue.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Have a productive day!

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same problem, and my chat disappeared .

Thank you for your feedback. I knew about the SNS tokens that didn’t have the functionality yet, but I’m still not fully aware how the ICP neurons work.
I had a small neuron that was automatically compounding maturity that just finished to dissolve. I thought that when disbursing, all my initial ICPs plus the compounded maturity would transfer to my wallet, but now I have my initial out and a 0 ICP neuron with less than 1ICP maturity still locked inside which I can not spawn.
My main neuron also has some staked maturity, but the spawn maturity command is inactive, even though it has more than 1 ICP matured.

I’ll leave a couple of screenshots for reference.

Hi, I see.

That is unfortunate, yes, the 0.03 maturity is stuck in the neuron at the moment. We will also add the disburse maturity to ICP, but that might take longer.

Spawning a neuron uses only the maturity which is NOT staked. The neuron has 4.23 total matury, of which 3.27 is staked. Therefore, only 0.96 is spawnable. You need to wait a bit more until you can spawn a neuron.

We are also working on a reshuffle of this page to make all these concepts clearer. That should be done within the next month. I hope that then everything makes more sense.

We are aware of the complexity and we’re trying hard to improve the UX. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Do the explanations make sense now?