Great increase of users in the forum - Organization 💭

First of all, I am very happy with the increase in users, new people who are passionate about the blockchain and have found their new home in IC. Really happy and passionate about the future of the ecosystem! :heart: :airplane:

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On the other hand, as happens in all organizations, noise can be generated in technical conversations that are very useful for organizing new features and feedback from advances users.

Do you think it would be good to limit certain topics like (Direct Integration with Bitcoin), the people who can comment? (so as not to increase the moderation work too much) @diegop

What ideas can you think of to start thinking about the organization before excessive work is generated in moderation and generates noise from some user?

Thank you very much !!


The use of ‘noise’ has been circulating around. I would prefer if we call it ‘creative chaos’ instead of ‘noise’, which has a negative connotation.


Thanks for the reply! As I’m sure you’ll notice my English isn’t that good haha, I speak Spanish… It could be said that ‘noise’ would not be the right word? ‘creative chaos’, it is very original, but it could work :smile:

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